What is it “Where’s My Helmet?”

This is a Brazilian indie game, which was the beginning to development in December 2015, and is expected to launch in May 2016.

“Where’s my Helmet?” is a platform game inspired by old classics. But he brings a differentiated mechanical, which allows the player to develop different ways to advance the phase.
The player controls a character with two axes that have recharge time to be thrown, he can use to attack your enemies, and as an indispensable aid to climb the platforms. This mechanical, added to the level design, makes the player think hard before using their axes.
In addition, the back strong art influences of Nordic culture, with a good dash of humor.



A sort of gnome named Ostein, has the power to travel back in time, once per season.
Travel back in time can end up being something very repetitive and dull over time, so he decides to have a hobby, his goal was to collect all kinds of helmets and headgears that ever existed or will exist in the nine worlds.
During his search, he recalled that not yet had any helmet of the Viking age, and on the other hand, had various caps. So he decided he would go there. Upon arriving found Axel, a Viking who was resting quietly with his helmet on the side, as Ostein wanted the helmet without stealing, he decided to make an exchange, grabbed his helmet and left a cap.
When the gnome was leaving, the Viking wakes. And outraged by the audacity gnome, solves chase him to retrieve his helmet. However, for him, it is very uncomfortable to go to battle without something in his head, so he decides to put the cap to troubleshoot for now.



Trailer Steam Greenlight


You can follow the game through our fanpage, and our page on Steam.


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